Custom Software 
for small to medium businesses 
across the globe
Custom Software Solutions

We act as a technical partner for startups and enterprises, taking care of the product development from idea validation to market launch.

Our Services

MVPs & Initial Projects

Solutions for established businesses and start-ups who tackle specific business problems

MVP Projects

Product Development

Scaling the solution for those whose MVP proved valid

Custom products

Cloud Management

Cloud-based big data processing systems for those who need to handle extensive datasets

Cloud Solutions

Mobile solutions

For those whose customers access content on the go

Mobile development

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main phases of the project?

The project consists of five main stages: getting to know you and your business, discovering the best solution to your problem, developing and delivering the product, and supporting you using the solution

Will there be a specific contact person?

Yes, there is always a contact person assigned to your project, so you can ask her all the questions you have

What happens after my product is delivered?

You enter the Support & Maintenance stage, where we help you set everything up, monitor the performance, and assist you until you feel comfortable using the system on your own

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