We are happy to make our processes as clear as possible and provide you with all the info you need to make the right choice.

What are the main phases of the project?

The project consists of five main stages: getting to know you and your business, discovering the best solution to your problem, developing and delivering the product, and supporting you using the solution.

Will there be a specific contact person?

Yes, there is always a contact person assigned to your project, so you can ask her all the questions you have.

What happens after my product is delivered?

You enter the Support & Maintenance stage, where we help you set everything up, monitor the performance, and assist you until you feel comfortable using the system on your own.

What do I do in the course of the project?

You have a fundamental role in the project's success. Try to be as involved as possible in the first stages. Give us the necessary information, approve the project plan, voice your concerns, and review the delivered results. If you're too busy, we'll adapt our communication process to you and keep you as informed as you want to be.

What’s the first step you take in a project?

First of all, we get to know you and your company to understand the project goal. At this stage, we use business analysis practices, conduct interviews, and do research. Based on that, we can define the project objectives and specify the solution fitting your needs.

How much time would you need to scale up a team assigned to my project?

We'll need from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the number of people required. We always keep a part of our team available, so they join the project in the shortest time.

What is your billing structure?

We work both with Time & Material and Fixed Price models.

In the Time & Material model, we charge clients once or twice a month based on the number of hours the team worked on the project.

In the Fix Price model, the payments are made every milestone after presenting the deliverables.

Are contractors used for any of the work?

Contractors may perform specific tasks on the project under our management and supervision and within the existing intellectual property agreement.

Do I need anything more than a website for my MVP?

If you want your MVP to go fast and have the funds, SEO is an effective way to promote it. It will help grow your organic traffic through search terms, so filling your website with quality content should be your next step.

Have any questions?

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