Custom Software Application Development

Custom software development allows you to provide unique value to your customers and differentiate in the marketplace.

Unlike off-the-shelf products, custom software solutions take into account the specifics of your business, communicate your vision, and meet your requirements.

At Exaft, we provide a range of custom software application development services for startups, traditional businesses, and enterprises. We create products from scratch and make sure your software is first-rate.

Custom Software Development Services

Full-cycle Development (MVP + later stages)

From idea discovery to a full-fledged software solution, leverage our expertise and build a cutting-edge solution with minimal supervision.

Our metrics-based approach will help you act on customer behavior changes at once. And the best UI/UX practices, along with test-driven development process we follow, ensure excellent quality and smooth user flow for your solution.

Learn more about our MVP development services

  • End-to-end MVP development
  • Roadmap review
  • Time & effort estimate
  • Development & delivery
  • Support & maintenance

Post-MVP Development

If you already have a functioning MVP and looking to expand it to a full-size product, our team can help you through the whole process.

We'll audit your current solution to find improvement opportunities, translate user feedback into actionable requirements and adjust the roadmap to generate user value with every iteration.

  • MVP analysis
  • Feedback review
  • Roadmap adjustment
  • Product Development & Delivery
  • Support & Maintenance


Take advantage of our startup-oriented expersite when you need to change your strategy and speed up your time to market. Pivoting usually requires additional market research and thorough technical analysis to ensure the solution will have a competitive edge.

We'll study the new competition, analyze the MVP to find everything you can keep and reuse, and adjust the product roadmap.

  • Discovery
  • MVP analysis
  • Feedback review
  • Tech Research
  • Roadmap adjustment
  • Product Development & Delivery
  • Support & Maintenance

Product Improvement/Update

If your product has lost its edge and you think it could perform better, there are several strategies to apply. You can remove redundant features or integrate 3rd party services, migrate your app to a new tech stack or optimize the codebase, etc.

After a thorough analysis, we'll provide you with a report on the existing issues and possible solutions.

  • Business analysis & tech research
  • Requirement specification
  • Development & delivery
  • Monitoring

Custom software advantages

Custom-developed products have several advantages over ready-made software solutions:

  1. They are cost-effective in the long term.

    You don't have to pay for unnecessary features as well as any licensing or subscription fees.

  2. They are secure.

    You can introduce any security measures and protocols to make sure the data is safe. Besides, your software is one of a kind, which makes it much more difficult to breach.

  3. They evolve as your business grows.

    Whenever you need to automate a process or add a new feature, your development team can easily update the application. In contrast with off-the-shelf software, a bespoke solution fully adapts to your needs.

  4. You get full support.

    Whether you have an in-house team or turn to a custom software agency, they will deal with any issues you may face when using your software.

Why Clients Choose Us

Technical Partnership

We act as your partner, assisting you through all stages of the development process: from idea research through strategy building to product delivery and user support. We'll be there, investigating improvement opportunities for your software and suggesting better options while you can focus on the business side.

Flexible Workflow

Our software development process adapts to your project needs.

We use XP, Scrum, Kanban, APF, Lean and other variations of Agile methodologies and frameworks.

Best Development Practices

High quality lies at the heart of user experience. To build an excellent product, we follow the TDD practices and coding standards, keep iterations short and run code reviews.

Data-Driven Approach

We integrate multiple product metrics and help you process client feedback, so you can make informed decisions about your software and refine it where it matters.

Process of Work

As simple as this:

Intro → Discovery → Setup → Kickoff → Delivery → Support


Let's meet and get to know each other. That's the first step we take to establish trust and partnership.

Tell us about your idea, vision, and the results you expect.


Research and planning are the most important things to do, so your product becomes a success.

It's essential to define the users who'll benefit from your product, describe their explicit and implicit needs, and study the competing products.

We'll explore your idea and ways to make it come true, plan the necessary steps and suggest the technology stack.

Then, we'll meet again, approve the project scope and define the terms of our partnership.


During setup, we sign the relevant papers like the contract, NDA, etc.

That is also when we put together a project team.

Our company takes full responsibility for onboarding the candidates and integrating them into the existing team.


After conducting thorough research and planning, it's time to get down to coding.

Software quality assurance and control practices are deeply integrated into our development approach.

We start with tests (according to Test-driven development) and deliver the solution in small increments.

To meet the success criteria and find improvement opportunities, we introduce numerous metrics and collect usage data.

Learn more about our development approach


When the development of your software is completed, we wrap up the project. Besides deployment to the production environment, we provide you with the product documentation and training if you need it.


In the support and maintenance stage, we keep an eye on you to jump in if you face any issues or need to update the product.

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