Our Approach

Our approach includes practices that prove to be effective in the course of our work. We’re always looking for new ways and techniques to become a better team and bring higher value to our clients.

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The same attitude applies to our technical expertise. To perform tasks most effectively, we use the right tools and continually master cutting-edge technologies.

The problem-solving mindset we instill means we search for the real cause of your business problem and deal with it instead of alleviating the consequences.

Approach Overview

We work in short sprints, 1 to 2 weeks, depending on a specific project.

The scope of each sprint is managed on Jira, Asana, or another project management tool.

To share progress with the team and detect any blocking issues, we run daily sync meetings.

Retrospective meetings help us focus on the results we achieve during the sprint and the improvements we need to introduce.

We support frequent deployments, so the product is updated regularly.

In development, we start with tests (TDD) and follow the guidelines.

Best practices of our approach:

  • – TDD
  • – Transparency
  • – Coding standards
  • – Frequent deployment

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