Daily Sync Meetings

Daily syncs are a way to bring the team closer and ensure communication on the project. It’s also a way to nurture the culture of accountability and collaboration within our company.

We get together in-person or via video conference and learn about each other’s progress, upcoming tasks, and blockers. It helps us coordinate our actions and resolve emerging issues faster.

No need to get into much detail though, interested colleagues can always follow up on the specifics after the meeting. We give the teammates a quick status update on the progress and highlight what stops us from completing tasks. That’ll do to inform the team who they can turn to for more information and who they can help.

At the end of the sync, the team has some time to share additional information on the project, express their opinion, or present new ideas.

Quick Guide

  1. Prepare in advance. If you start remembering what you did when it's your turn to talk, the sync can drag on and turn into a lengthy discussion.
  2. Share your status according to the plan:
    • – Your progress on the previous tasks
    • – Your plan till the next meeting
    • – Issues blocking your work
  3. Don’t space out. Your progress will likely depend on your colleagues’ tasks.
  4. Follow up on the specifics later.

Have any questions?

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