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Native Application Development

Native apps provide an excellent user experience and personalization. You will get a fast and responsive app because it will use the device system resources to the full. And unique native features will help you create a flexible and smooth user flow.

However, it takes more resources to develop and support an iOS and an Android app instead of one cross-platform app.

Cross-Platform App Development

Building a cross-platform app allows you to create a single codebase and reuse it for both platforms: iOS and Android. Usually, it increases development speed, reduces costs, and provides UI consistency across platforms.

Still, a cross-platform application can't provide the same user experience as a native app because it's less flexible and can't take advantage of some native-only features.

Custom Mobile App Benefits


The app logic will mirror your business processes and aggregate all the necessary functionality, no need to adapt to a pre-built solution.


A custom-built app evolves together with your business. You can change it, add new features, and automate more of your business processes.


Custom development empowers you to control the safety of your data. You can introduce permission levels, authentication mechanisms, and other protective measures.

Integration capacity

The application will easily integrate with your existing business ecosystem.


When you build an app, you don't depend on a third-party vendor who could disable or suspend it for some reason.

Custom Mobile Development: Best Practices

Follow development guidelines

If you want to publish your app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it needs to comply with the rules and regulations listed in their guidelines. Otherwise, the stores can reject it until you fix the issue and resubmit your application. Check the Android Developer Guides for Android apps and the Apple Developer Program for iOS apps.

Prioritize Security

Depending on the application type, it may collect sensitive data like names, birthdays, emails, addresses, payment information, etc. Protecting this data should be your number one priority if you want users to trust you.

Plan for analytics

There are various metrics you can introduce to track user activity and app performance. Whatever tools you choose, you need to plan for them at the beginning of the development. This way, it will be easier to integrate them smoothly.

Prepare for updates

Adding new features and improving the existing ones is a natural course of the application lifecycle. Make sure your app is scalable and the code quality is high. This way, you can update and support the application without any issues.

Get feedback

No matter how good your product research was, make sure you don't stick to a single perspective. Ask the development team for input, you may gain a lot from their expertise.

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