Cloud Management

Secure and scalable cloud infrastructure will upscale your business by improving collaboration, boosting performance, and promoting innovation.

Migration to Cloud

Moving your applications, processes, or the whole infrastructure to the cloud from the on-premise servers or another cloud. Migration Steps:

  • – Establishing the objectives and KPIs
  • – Environment analysis
  • – Selecting a migration strategy
  • – Migration
  • – Monitoring

Provisioning and cost management

Managing the resources and workflows of your cloud environment.

Identifying excessive resources and reduce the overall spend on your products.

Security & Backups

Establishing role-based access to data and introduce privacy and security configurations.

Creating a data protection and disaster recovery system to ensure the safety of your information.

Deployment automation

Setting up the process to move your software between testing and production environments automatically.

Introducing best practices for deploying your applications.

Configuring CI/CD tools and pipelines.

Configuration Management

Performing systematic control over change in all your software and hardware assets.

Ensuring consistent performance of your products by managing the configurations of the environment.

Monitoring & Logging

Collecting the performance and availability metrics for your solutions.

Managing and saving the log messages the applications produce.

Cloud Consulting Services

If you're looking to adopt cloud or improve your existing infrastructure, we'll ensure the transformation is frictionless and cost-effective.

To make the most out of the cloud services, we will:

  • – Evaluate your current cloud environment
  • – Find bottlenecks, security breaches, redundant resources, etc.
  • – Define a suitable approach and cloud type
  • – Create a migration roadmap
  • – Explore automation and improvement opportunities

DevOps Services

We'll introduce the best DevOps practices and tune up the development and deployment of your applications.

The tech and tools we use:

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Prometheus
  • Sentry
  • AWS
  • Terraform

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