Goods-shipping marketplace MVP

The client is a Dubai-based community marketplace for people to send their goods around the globe.

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The goal was to create a robust solution allowing carrier companies to get more business opportunities and forwarders to find the most efficient provider at the best rate.


The platform is currently at the MVP stage.

It allows customers to select the route, find the best price for the transfer, and instantly close the deal.

The carrier companies can provide their rates for various cargo types and receive notifications when an order is placed.

Key features

  • – Route search (using OpenStreetMap API)
  • – Price calculation based on the route and cargo type
  • – Order generation
  • – Freight booking with notifications
  • – Online payment (using PayPal)

Technologies we used

  • Python, Django, ReactJS
  • OpenStreetMap API
  • PayPal API


Chekin is a platform helping vacation rentals managers and professionals manage tourist accommodation efficiently, quickly, and safely.

CheKin development

Geo-optimised marketplace

Fair pricing is one of the many hurdles businesses face. Basing your subscription rate on the traffic you receive may be a good solution for you.

Geo-optimised marketplace: zone optimization

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