Chekin is a platform helping vacation rentals managers and professionals manage tourist accommodation efficiently, quickly, and safely.

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How it started

It all started two years ago when had an MVP and a plan for developing a platform that would improve both hosts' and guests' experiences in a new way.

We joined our efforts by providing Chekin with a top-notch development team, and our long-term partnership began. landing page landing page

What we’ve done

First, we identified weak spots in the original solution.

Then, we rebuilt the MVP to make it scalable and extensible.

After that, we deployed the software to the AWS cloud.

Next, we connected the solution with external systems such as police databases and booking websites. marketplace: integrations

Integrations: AirBnB,, Stripe and other PMS, OTAs, channel managers, access providers and payments systems.

Following that, we have been adding new functionality to make Chekin a unique solution on the market. marketplace: integrations

Guest reservations: the new ones and completed

How it’s done

The service-oriented architecture of Chekin allows to split business logic into independent components and manage complexity to the full.

By choosing the cloud-native approach, we ensured excellent scalability and fault tolerance of the system.

And a modern technology stack allows the team to optimize the development process and focus on solving unique business problems.

What we use

  • – Python is the main language for writing business logic. Simple yet powerful tool loved by many for its efficiency and speed of development.
  • – Django web framework – together with Django Rest Framework it allows you to quickly create and easily extend services focused on solving business pain points.
  • – RabbitMQ
  • – PostgreSQL
  • – TypeScript
  • – ReactJS
  • – Docker provides packaging of application parts into self-contained modules that behave reliably and predictably in any environment and condition.
  • – Kubernetes – animates the code and makes the gears spin. K8s fully manages the life cycle of containers, connects them, and maintains a stable system state.
  • – Terraform – takes control of the chaos in the virtual cloud hardware. With this tool, we describe the desired configuration of servers, networks, database servers, user roles, access rights, etc., in the form of code. As a result, the cloud automatically takes the necessary form.
  • – AWS is a cloud provider that provides the infrastructure for the project.

Goods-shipping marketplace MVP

The goal was to create a robust solution allowing carrier companies to get more business opportunities and forwarders to find the most efficient provider at the best rate.

Marketplace MVP development

Geo-optimised marketplace

Fair pricing is one of the many hurdles businesses face. Basing your subscription rate on the traffic you receive may be a good solution for you.

Geo-optimised marketplace: zone optimization

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