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Fair pricing is one of the many hurdles businesses face. Basing your subscription rate on the traffic you receive may be a good solution for you.

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Here's how we approached the problem for one of our clients.


A US-based marketplace for medical retailers to post their assortment for ordering online.


The goal was to determine fair subscription prices for each retailer based on the amount of web traffic they were getting in their store's location (city, state, borough etc.).


The solution is a part of the existing marketplace.

The system regularly analyzes web traffic for different locations using Google Analytics API. Based on the results, it identifies the locations where the subscription rate can be optimized.

The next step is preparing price suggestions. They show up as highlighted areas on the map for the administrators to review them and approve, edit, or decline each of them.

The subscription plans will be automatically created or updated via Stripe API.


  • – A subscription model based on web traffic
  • – Automatic price optimization
  • – Reduction of operational costs on price analysis and plans introduction

Technologies we used

  • Python, Django, ReactJS
  • Google Analytics API
  • Google Maps API
  • Stripe API

Goods-shipping marketplace MVP

The goal was to create a robust solution allowing carrier companies to get more business opportunities and forwarders to find the most efficient provider at the best rate.

Marketplace MVP development


Chekin is a platform helping vacation rentals managers and professionals manage tourist accommodation efficiently, quickly, and safely.

CheKin development

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