Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and control are a mainstay of our software development approach.
To ensure the best service quality and user experience, we follow QA procedures at every stage: from requirements analysis to product delivery.

Our software quality assurance process includes the following activities:

  • – In-depth business analysis and release criteria specification to set the quality standards
  • – Test-Driven Development practices to produce quality code
  • – Automated testing to reduce time and cost of product releases
  • – Security and performance testing to find the vulnerabilities and threats before they can backfire on the product
  • – Extensive metrics to control product performance after delivery

Quality Assurance Services

Test Automation

Automating labor- and time-consuming manual tasks of quality control.

Performance Testing

Testing your software's stability and scalability by running such types of testing as stress testing, load testing, scalability testing.

Usability Testing

Assessing the clarity of the UX/UI of your products.

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