Highload and Big Data

As your business grows and your software fails to handle large volumes of data requests, it's time to scale to a high-performance solution.

Scaling a Software Solution: Steps

  • – Identify performance bottlenecks via stress testing and code analysis
  • – Redesign problematic database
  • – Restructure the data model
  • – Optimize the codebase (e.g., introduce microservice architecture)
  • – Improve server capacity

Such measures will make your system robust and fault-tolerant and allow it to perform resource-intensive tasks.

Highload tech goes hand in hand with Big Data processing.

A high-performance solution allows you to handle rich flows of information. That provides real-time insights and helps detect unobvious connections, optimize product offerings, and improve strategic decisions.

Big Data Services


Integrating all the data sources, such as marketing and sales systems, CRM and ERP solutions, web apps, social media, data storage systems, IoT devices, etc.

We ensure data security by limiting access control and encrypting key data fields.


Aggregating the data and preparing it for further analysis. Such practices as data permutation and partitioning prevent security breaches and ensure data safety.

Big Data Analytics

Discovering patterns in large data sets using various data mining methods. In this step, unstructured data becomes useful information usually presented to the decision-makers in a visual form.

Knowledge Creation

The data gathered during the analysis becomes new knowledge and provides a competitive advantage to its owner. Based on this knowledge, you can improve your customer service or find new ways to grow your business.

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